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AGM 2016

Thanks for everyone participation in tonight's AGM for all of you that missed it feel free to catch up... Thanks goes to all of the committee old and new.

Chairman’s Report 2016
• Committee activity high with new committee members up from 7 last year to 12 in 2016.
• Web Site Status improvements ongoing with Nigel Suddaby:
o PayPal improvements made and working well for membership fees and shop; and
o Facebook very active.
• Membership steady, Sue and Nigel on top of membership and packs being issued:
o Numbers of members 2016 is 63 plus 3 active honorary; and
o Attendance at events steady with new members signing up all the time.
• No changes to the competition class structure for 2016.
• 2015 trophies issued earlier in the year at the Da Giorgio Trattoria.
o Hope to issue 2016 trophies in January 2017.
• Full calendar of events:
o 11 x CCVT’s;
o 1 x TYRO event;
o 4 x Orienteering Events;
o 2 x CCVT Interclub Events with Edzell Off Road Drivers;
o 1 x Forest Drive at Potarch;
o Mayhem event attended by club members with Club sponsorship of £100;
o 2-day event and BBQ at Lumsden well attended;
o BA Stores well supported and charitable donation of £200.00 and collection on the day of £381.52;
o Royal Deeside Speed Fest (RDSF) event supported with £295.00 donated to the event organisers Black Dog Events and £295.00 donated to Macmillan Cancer;
o Fraserburgh car rally supported with a vehicle display.
• SACC MSA Committee Pitlochry meeting attended by committee members.
• Event Paperwork:
o Risk Assessments process working well for Forestry commission events thanks to Alistair Tong.
o Application process for Forestry land improved and events back at Fetteresso and Rosarie this year for the first time in a while.
• Financials Still Strong, see separate sheet:
o Propose no change to annual fees;
o However FC now charging £60 for each permit requiring FC event fees to be increased to £20 per driver for FC land.
o Rebate from MSA for insurance, down from £764.49 in 2015 to £213 for 2016.
• Club merchandise available online with payment via PayPal thanks to Arron Sullivan:
o Club Clothing; and
o Stickers.
• Variety of off-road sites still limited;
o Dependant on a small number of quality sites; in particular
o Potarch Sluie Woods and Lumsden; with
o Longside no longer available; however the club is
o Making more use of Forestry Commission land but admin and risk control measures at FC sites require a lot of work with increased permit costs.
o There is a risk that the Forestry Commission will wish to implement the MSA master agreement charges which are designed for rallying.
• No annual meal and prize giving;
• No Scotia event;
• No EORC Point to Point event;
• Survey of club members poorly supported;
• Joint events with EORC poorly attended; and
• Little or No training for CoC or Marshalls or indeed Driver Skills courses.

I. Treasurers report – Brian McErlean.
• Opening balance £8,160.74
• Income £7,095.05
• Expenditure £8,443.25
• Closing balance £6,565.89
• Strong Bank Balance although funds depleted due to higher Costs and spending
• Unable to balance books, so no change!
• Losing money on FC events; but
• Costs balanced with passenger fees and increased charges for FC sites.

II. 2016 Committee resign.
Brian McErlean, John Hector, Mike MacLurg, Paul Richardson, Nigel Suddaby, Aaron Sullivan, Sue Jones, Ali Tong, Martin Grubb, Justin Wood, Mark Hunter and Jason Osgood.

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AGM Report 2016

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