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BORDC Events 2020

Here you will find a full list of all our planned events for 2020. These range from 'easy going' TYRO Trails to more challenging Cross Country Vehicle Trials (CCVT)s and exciting Orienteering Point to Point events! To get involved - please see 'Memberships' page to join and the club Facebook Group for up to date information!

January 26th - CCVT at Kintore

Please find up to the minute details on our facebook page

January 18th - 19th - Bainloch Extreme Winch challenge

Winch Challenge event at Dumfries. Not a BORDC event but some members are taking part, full details on Mayhem winch challenge Facebook pages.

February 16th - CCVT - Venue TBC
February 16th - TYRO - Venue TBC

Full details of the events to be confirmed closer to the time - Keep up to date on Facebook.

March 1st Orienteering - Punch Hunt at Potarch TBC

Orienteering or Punch Hunt - this type of event is a favourite amongst our members.

Team up with another vehicle, and get going through the Potarch Forest to find various punches that have been hidden along the way. Punch cards are attached to your wing mirror or door, and you are given a map and a list of coordinates for all punches. The team that returns with the most punches win!

March 15th - CCVT - Venue TBC

Please find up to the minute details on our facebook page