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Membership Information

Motorsport UK our governing body has introduced changes to event permits and competitor licences for 2020.
You can read the full details here https://www.motorsportuk.org/resource-centre/clubs-organisers/
This means that from January 2020 it is compulsory for all Motorsport UK competitors, and passengers to hold a Motorsport UK licence in addition to their Club membership card. The entry level licence , R S Clubman, required for all BORDC events is free of charge and can be applied for online at https://rsclubman.motorsportuk.org/
Passengers will also need this licence and will need to be club members. BORDC have introduced a Free of Charge Non Competing Club Membership classification for those wishing to take part as passengers where club membership was not required previously. We have also held the full 12 Months subscription fee at 30. To apply for full membership click on the "Apply for Membership!" link on this page, fill in your details, enter the security verification code, click "Submit Application and proceed to Payment" and complete the Paypal transaction.
If you wish to apply for Non Competitor membership please enter NC in the first box before your name, fill in your details, enter the security verification code, click "Submit Application and proceed to Payment" then exit the process. Or family members, parents, children or spouses living at the same address can have full membership for half the price of the first family member, just fill in the form and pay the full fee and you will be refunded or don't pay the fee online and pay at your first event, we'll know who you are!
In addition to these licence requirements all event permit fees have been increased, this is the fee per entrant the club pays MS UK to cover all insurance liabilities for every event. Unfortunately the club must pass this increase on to the entrants on the day, this will generally mean an increase for CCTV, TYRO and similar events from 15 to 20 and Orienteering from 25 to 30. The fee for passengers at all events however will remain 10.
Thank you,
BORDC Admin.